“The body is beautiful. The body is capable. 

The body is yours.

You are beautiful and you are capable.”



Yoga is a practice. This is MY practice.

With practice, comes progression— and with progression, satisfaction. To be satisfied in the moment, content, and appreciative of oneself… that is the goal. Long & short-term. You’d have to want it, and you’d have to work hard for it. If you want it enough, you’d work like hell for it.

I’m in the beginning process of my yoga journey, and I know that with daily practice, I’ll get to where I want to be. You’d be surprised by how much your body is able to do. Maybe right now you can’t even touch your toes. But KNOW that your body is entirely capable of doing so. Trust your body. Just trust it. And above all, love it.

This is my yoga journey, and I encourage you to join in on this worthwhile excursion.